On Gloria Trevi

Gloria y los Beatles

The Beatles were not my first idols. They’re great, talented, down to earth, witty, weird in a good way, etc. I guess these qualities correlate with my values. There’s nothing that I love more than meeting people who are like that. I guess one of my dreams is to marry a guy who’s just like that or, at least, more or less like that. The point of this entry is not precisely writing about the Beatles but rather about one of my previous pop/rock idols who embodied some of the Beatles’s characteristics that I love so much: Gloria Trevi, a controversial Mexican singer who was popular in the 90’s. I grew up in the 90’s, engrossed in the Mexican culture. Gloria ended up being involved in a pretty gross scandal which was detrimental to her career. It’s nearly impossible to overlook this incident when thinking about her. As embarrassing as it might sound, this “little incident” made me feel somewhat depressed for quite some time, especially because it was so hard for me to realize that Gloria was not perfect and that she had made major mistakes that contradicted with the view I had of her. Anyway, I’ve come to realize that she has the right to be wrong, and that just because she made mistakes doesn’t mean that she was not talented, beautiful, clever, and witty. She was the first singer that I heard talking about socio-political issues. She was pretty daring if you take into consideration the context of her breakthrough. And, she was a great singer-songwriter: passionate, bold, original, and rebellious. Her interviews were usually filled with sarcasm, commentaries about current issues and humor. I recall that in one interview she was asked, “would you like to remain a virgin until marriage?” “I’m thinking about it,” she answered, “I might get surgery,” she added. I could go on and give more examples like this one, but my point is simply this: Gloria Trevi might not be the best person in the world, but, at one point, she was a unique singer-songwriter who spoke on behalf of women and gay rights and criticized the government and the people who put up with it. And, she did so cleverly and creatively. And, I’ve decided to stick with that.


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